28 Nardin TodayFall 2022 alumni spotlight Please tell us about yourself. RH: I was born on July 12, 1980 and raised on the East Side of Buffalo to two loving and involved parents who always encouraged me to seek success and dream big. I attended Buffalo Prep in grammar school and could attend Nardin for high school on a full academic scholarship. Seeing the benefits of nonprofit work and its impact on a child’s enrichment made me want to reach back and volunteer in my community, starting with mentoring other Buffalo Prep students as a teenager. I have always had a heart for service, but I didn’t know what path to take. Please tell us about your student experience at Nardin. RH: At Nardin, my student experience was just being a teenager. I wasn’t into athletics, but I traveled with my best friend, Shatika (Tiq) Milan, and kept stats for the varsity basketball team. I was also a member and eventually President of the Rainbow Heritage Club under Mrs. Rosalie Sperrazza. The friendships I fostered during that time were paramount in helping me find my voice, do my part to create systemic changes, and help educate my classmates on many of the cultural experiences of being Black in America. Raziya Hill '98 QA &