36 Nardin TodayFall 2022 nardinnotes Remy Raccuia ‘17 began working with Legends in New York City after receiving her degree at the University of Southern California. Legends is a premium experiences company that operates worldwide across the sports and entertainment industry. Remy is responsible for supporting new business and second sale initiatives across the Legends portfolio. Her role includes partnership marketing solutions, platform development, and cross-property best practices. Remy works to connect the world's most innovative brands with naming rights opportunities, jersey sponsorships, venue entitlements, and more. Louise Rath ‘19 is an intern at The Today Show. When her mother and sisters appeared outside the studio with a sign for her, Al Roker brought Louise over to say hello. Miriam Najimy, DHM MiriamNajimy, a Daughter of the Heart of Mary, passed away inMarch of 2022. Miriam entered the Daughters of the Heart of Mary and made her first vows in 1962 and perpetual vows in 1972. An active and beloved member of the Nardin Academy community, Miriam upheld the vision of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary, which is to bring equality and justice for all God's people, endeavor to be a community in which each member's God-given gifts are appreciated and nurtured, and work for an earth that is protected and restored. As a Nardin Academy Board Member, she fostered an environment where students could develop their talents and cultivate their intellect, character and courage so that they too could make a difference in our world. Miriam held two offices at the Marian Center at different times, Director of the Center and later, Provincial. She also served as Provincial of the U.S. Providence and was a Board Member at Saint Joseph’s School for the Deaf in Bronx, NY, and Adelaide’s Place in New Jersey. We send our deepest condolences to her family, friends and loved ones. IN MEMORIAM Winifred Nelligan Carden ‘41 passed away January 12, 2022. Mary Ellen Schweichler ‘49 passed away July 15, 2021. Mary Vertalion Stremlow ‘51 passed away September 3, 2022. Mary Frances Henley Waldeck ‘52 passed away May 11, 2022. Ann Tauriello McPherson ‘60 passed away December 27, 2021. Elizabeth "Liz" Lyons Friedman ‘66 passed away April 10, 2022. Lee Frances Tauriello ‘67 passed away April 7, 2021. Nancy Custer Gray ‘68 passed away July 27, 2022. Madonna Priore ‘70 passed away February 2, 2022. Barbara Bainbridge Leary ‘73 passed away August 9, 2022. Sally Murrett Andrzejczak ‘76 passed away June 1, 2022. Kristin Siudzinski Coughlin ‘90 passed away October 11, 2021. Julia Brill ‘96 passed away May 2, 2022. Remy Raccuia '17 Nardin welcomes alumni contributions to the "Nardin Notes" section of Nardin Today. Make a submission at under the Alumni tab. Send us your news!