Nardin Today Winter 2016 - page 5

In each issue, members of the
Nardin community will share their
thoughts on the publication's theme.
Whenwas a time
that you exemplified courage?
Elizabeth Lewis Manna '03
Becoming a firefighter, because it is more than just a job.
It's a passion and commitment to helping others. This is
something I learned by watching my father, a Lieutenant
of the Buffalo FireDepartment, as hewas always willing to
help anyone, both on and off duty. The community counts
on us at some of the worst moments of their lives. Each
shift brings new training, opportunities and challenges -
and you just do it, no matter what it takes.
Esther Nyakato ‘19
High school sophomore
“During the High School Open House I was unexpectedly
pulled out of my volunteer station to give a tour to a
prospective student. I was so nervous, but I wanted to tell
them all the great things about Nardin and it turned out
the prospective family was from my old school, Catholic
Emma Eddy ‘04
High school faculty & alumna
“The times when I have felt courageous have been when
I have followed my heart, but I have been witness to so
much more courage from my family, my loved ones, my
friends, my students, my colleagues, and mockingbirds
and ‘upstanders’ of society who live courageously every
day even though they may not share that or admit it
Simon Fisher
Montessori Elementary Third Year
“When I went hiking with family and friends inMaine, and
tripped and fell near a cliff. I got back up and kept going!”
Gavin Li
Elementary 8th grader
“I showed courage when I stepped out of my comfort zone
and signed up for the school play. I've never done a play
before and I got the part of a narrator in
Theoriginof thequestion
As part of this year’s Middle States
theme of courage, students in grades
four through twelve read the book
AmMalala: The Girl Who Stood Up for
Education and Was Shot by the Taliban
by Malala Yousafzai.
High school students attended an
inspirational assembly where Habiba
Mohamed, a young Buffalonian who
spent the first fourteen years of her
life in a refugee camp, discussed her
Elementary Guidance Counselor
Kristen Blandford has incorporated
Malala's inspirational message into
a number of school-wide activities,
including Pinwheels for Peace
page 10)
Students also listened to Nardin
parent Rima Taha discuss her own
experiences living in Lebanon, Libya,
and Syria. EchoingMalala’s story, the
most powerful lessons learned were
to embrace each other’s differences
and that any community will be a
better place if women and girls are
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