19 Nardin TodayFall 2022 What excites you about serving as the VP of Education Excellence? BF: The possibilities at Nardin are endless. This role allows me to work with principals and faculty to creatively elevate curriculum, instructional practices, and offerings for students. How do you define your academic philosophy? BF: I believe teaching is the art, science, and love of helping others learn. Done well, teaching is more than the competent delivery of content or ensuring that students master facts. At its highest level, teaching is about enabling students to discover their unique "why." Achieving this requires igniting a student's mind and emotions so that the virtuous cycle of inquisitiveness, discovery, mastery, and self-efficacy becomes a habit. Can you talk to the community about the importance of the new curriculum mapping project Nardin is working towards across the Academy? BF: In order to prepare students to become active, thoughtful contributors to the community and world, it is critical to examine our curriculum to ensure we are equipping them with all the tools they need. The students we have in front of us at Nardin today need to be prepared differently than the students we had five years ago. The needs of our world are shifting and moving at lightning speed. We must keep up - and one way we can do that is through continually updating and reflecting upon our curriculum. What has been your favorite experience at Nardin so far? BF: The students! I have had the opportunity to visit classrooms at each level (Toddlers through Seniors) and being in their learning environments is a daily reminder of why I do this work and why I love this work. I have found the Nardin students to be kind and inquisitive. n R S H I P Meet Dr. Bobbie Finocchio, Ph.D. Vice President of Education Excellence Bobbie joined the Nardin team in July of 2022. Bobbie has 16 years of experience as a school principal, a special education teacher, and mentor to new teachers and prospective school principals. Her areas of expertise include curricular reform and mapping, backwards design, and co-teaching. The Vice President for Education Excellence position is to act as the education leader of the entire Academy, and is responsible for working with each school's principal and coordinating the efforts of our academic leaders. Bobbie shared with us her thoughts on education and what she hopes to accomplish at Nardin! QA &