20 Nardin Today Fall 2022 In the tradition of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary, Nardin upholds the value of “embracing all.” In this spirit, members of the Class of 1998 looked to Nardin to see where their support could improve and enhance our school experience for all students. As the COVID-19 pandemic surged and evidence of continued social injustice was so painfully evident, they couldn’t help but recognize that the year they turned 40 years old was turning out to be entirely unpredictable and not nearly as joyful as they had hoped. True to form, these Nardin women came together and decided to take action aimed at increasing equity and inclusion. The result of their conversations with each other and with members of the Nardin administration was the establishment of The Nardin Experience Fund, which directly impacts the lives of students with limited socio-economic means. This fund helps cover costs that fall outside of the tuition umbrella, so that these students have the opportunity to benefit from the full Nardin experience. “There are so many traditions and activities that are part of the Nardin experience,” said Dr. Laura Venuto ‘98, E’94. “They come with costs, preventing some students from being able to participate, and it is our wish to make sure that every student enjoys all that a Nardin education has to offer.” “What started out as a brainstorming session amongst friends on how to create small acts of kindness, has grown exponentially beyond our expectations,” said Molly (Shannon) Hines ‘98. “The response of the Nardin community has been so inspiring.” To date, more than $103,000 has been committed to this effort and continues to grow. “Our Nardin experience taught us the importance of giving back to others,” Venuto continued. “As adults and parents, we see how lives can be enriched when everyone in a community is thriving. It has been a joy to create something positive during a time of turmoil and reconnect with so many former classmates to do something to enrich the experience of current Nardin students.” n NARDIN EXPERIENCE FUND To make a gift in support of The Nardin Experience Fund, please visit Top (left to right): Kelly Sullivan, Erin Keefe, Madeline (Chiampou) Tully Bottom (left to right): Laura Venuto, Gretchen (Meyers) Wochensky, Molly (Shannon) Hines Members of Class of 1998 Members of Class of 1998 living our mission