8 Nardin Today Fall 2022 Located on the third floor of the Cleveland campus, The Koessler Family Innovation and Technology Center is a hub for all Nardin Academy students to manually or digitally research and explore topics within a course or an individual interest. Students gather in the Center’s hubs for collaborative projects and technology integrated lessons through The Research & Innovation course in Montessori, Lower, and Middle Schools and is continuously open for Upper School students and classes, and all teachers and staff. The Research & Innovation Course in Montessori and K-8 meets once a week where the students focus on Digital Citizenship & Literacy, Computer Science, Library Information Skills, and Research Skills, while engaging in Project-Based Learning to simulate an authentic work environment. The students assess their learning through the use of educational technologies to bring their work to life. Nardin Academy believes in educating the whole student by meeting them where they are in the digital world as well as the world of their future, and focuses on the ability to determine credible sources digitally and in print, how to create a positive digital footprint, and learn to parallel their in-person community behaviors with that of their online presence. n The Koessler Family Innovation and Technology Center class acts