9 Nardin TodayFall 2022 classacts After graduating from Nardin in 2000, Jaclyn is now in her 17th year as a 6th and 7th grade teacher at Nardin. As a teacher in Nardin’s Middle School, she sets high expectations for all of her students. She believes that they are capable of pushing themselves to become better readers and writers. Jaclyn holds her students accountable and encourages them to always put forth their best effort. When reflecting on her favorite aspect of being a part of the Nardin community, Jaclyn would have to say it is when former students come back to visit or she runs into them out in the world. She loves to see who these young middle schoolers become. It is so rewarding when former students speak fondly of her class or a particular lesson that meant a lot to them. “It makes my job worthwhile.” n We sat down with Jaclyn Twichell ’00, alumna, Middle School teacher, and Nardin parent Faculty Spotlight: Jaclyn Twichell ‘00 “ I love to see who my former students, young middle schoolers, become.